BURN PITS 360  - Company Message


These are few of the many faces of America’s Fallen Heroes who have lost the battle against the invisible toxic wounds of war. Each one leaving behind a legacy of heroism and honor. We stand alongside their families, raising awareness & bringing these issues to the forefront. 

SSG. Steven Ochs, U.S. Army
Lost His Life to AML Lukemia due to burn pit exposures on 
July 12, 2008. He was 32 years old. SSG. Ochs leaves behind a loving daughter, parents, and siblings.

SSG. Danielle Nienajadlo, U.S. Army  
Lost her life to stage 4 AML Leukemia due to burn pit exposures. on March 20, 2009 at 3:30 a.m. SSG. Nienajadlo leaves behind
 3 sons ; Isaiah, Ian, and Titan and her husband Jamie.

Major Kevin E. Wilkins, U.S. Air Force 
Lost his life to burn pit exposures on April 1, 2008. He was 
51 years old. Major Wilkins leaves behind his beautiful wife,
Jill Wilkins, and three beautiful children.

CPL. Nicholas James Wrobel, U.S. Marine Corps                 
Lost his life due to respiratory and cardiac failure related 
to daily burn pits exposure, in Barwana, Al Anbar Province, 
Iraq, on September 06, 2009. He was 24 years old. CPL 
Wrobel leaves behind a loving family.      

SGT. Billy McKenna, U.S. Army
Lost his life to stage stage 4 lymphoma, due to  burn pit
exposure while in Iraq, on December 28, 2010. SGT. 
McKenna leaves behind his wife, Dina McKenna, and 
two beautiful daughters. 

TSGT. Jessica Sweet, U.S. Air Force
Lost her life to acute myelogeneous leukemia due to burn 
pit exposure. She was 30 years old. TSGT. Sweet leaves 
behind her husband and 3 children (ages 2,5,& 7).

SGT. Amanda Downing, U.S. Army
Lost her life to adrenal cancer due to burn pit exposure on January 22, 2011. She was 24 years old. SGT. Downing leaves behind her husband, parents, brother, and many loving 
family members.  


SSG. Matthew Bumpus, U.S.Army 
Lost his life to AML due to burn pit exposure in August 2006. 
He was 31 years old. SSG Bumpus leaves behind his wife
and two sons. 

SGT. Chris Sachs, U.S. Army
Lost his life to AML due to burn pit exposure on November 2, 2008. He was  38 years old.  SGT. Sachs leaves behind many loving family members. 


SGT. Jamie Campbell, U.S. Army 
Lost his life to AML due to burn pit exposure. He was 41 
years old. SGT. Campbell leaves behind his loving wife 
and children.

CSM. James W. Hubbard, U.S. Army
Lost his life to Leukemia due to burn pit exposure on 
May 21, 2009. CSM Hubbard leaves behind his loving wife, 
2 sons (Ja'Vaughn and Ashton) and a grandson (Keegan). 


SPC. Dominick J. Liguori, U.S. Army
Lost his life to a lung disease due to burn pit exposure on 
May 11, 2012. He was  31 years old. SPC. Liguori  leaves
behind many loving family members.

MSGT. John Charleston, U.S. Air Force
Lost his life to pancreatic cancer due to burn pit exposure on May 11, 2012. John was a husband, father, grandad, brother, son and a good friend  to his AMMO brothers.


SGT. Kevin Wallace, U.S. Army
Lost his life to a brain tumor due to burn pit exposure on
 August 3, 2012. SGT. Wallace leaves behind his loving wife,
 Kelly and a loving family.


COL. David McCracken, U.S. Army
Lost his life to GBM brain cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme)
due to burn pit exposure on September 2, 2011.  He was
46 years old. COL. McCracken leaves behind his loving wife, Tammy, and children.

SGT.  Brandon Matic, USMC
Lost his life to esophageal cancer due to burn pit exposure
on May 24, 2013. He was 26 years old. SGT. Matic leaves
behind his loving wife Maria and young daughter Eva.

SFC. (Ret) Frederick T Slape, U.S. Army
Lost his life to stage IV metastatic adenocarcinoma, due
to burn pit exposure at FOB Ramrod & FOB Andar, on 
October 22, 2015. He was 42 years old. SFC. Slape leaves
behind his loving wife, Diane, daughter Montana, and sons, Robert & Zach, as well many soldiers who respected him
enough to call him, Papa Slape.

Exposure to these toxins, have caused a traumatic impact on the lives of our service members and their families. There have been thousands of deaths resulting from the invisible wounds of war. Burn Pits 360 continues to receive death entries through our registry almost every day. 

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